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I call it doing The Work.

Doing The Work takes a lot of courage, tenacity, trust, and,  patience and gentleness with yourself. When you do The Work you take the longest journey a person can make: it is going the 18″ from your head/ego and into your Heart and Soul. Upon first arriving into your Heart and feeling those feelings that you might have been suppressing, oppressing, denying, self-medicating, and/or running from, it can be a roller coaster ride. The range of emotions can be dark as you face your shadows to beautiful rainbows as you begin to feel liberated. The key is not to judge them nor yourself. They are the byproduct of having lived a life. Let them flow out in a safe space and place.

If you need an outlet for the dark emotions, go to the boxing gym and punch and kick the bag. You can also take a hammer and hammer away at rocks. Whatever you decide, be safe and respectful with yourself and others too. Keep it contained in a safe place and space. I guarantee you, there will be a lot of tears in this journey too. Let them flow. They are a Gift from your Heart. They are medicine. They will make you feel better and lighter.

Journal your journey, feelings, progress, experience, highs and lows, and the healing that is taking place. It is also important and beneficial that you begin the Clean Way of Life: clean eating, drinking, thinking, speaking, attitude, associating, entertainment, recreation, reading, listening, and products (personal care and household).

Once you have explored your Heart, then it will be time to do some Deep Soul Dives. When you dive into your Soul you connect with Eternity. You connect with the Light and Love that is within you.  Listen to your Soul. Commune with your Soul. Let the Flow of your Soul guide you.

“Most important of all, pray to God to set your feet upon the path of truth (Wisdom and Love). Sirach  37:15 

  • Turn to God and God will help you
  • Pray
  • Meditate
  • Trust
  • Humble yourself before God
  • “Do whatever He tells you.” were Mary’s words at the wedding of Cana. A miracle there was.
  • All is and will be well

You are in God’s merciful, forgiving, and loving Hands. God loves you more than you know.

Give yourself the Gift of Living Beautifully: Be You to the Fully.

When you heal and become more whole, you and all those around you are abundantly blessed.                               Begin the journey of making meaningful and long lasting changes, today.

  • Abundant Wisdom, Grace, Peace, Blessings and Wholeness,
  • Irena As I Am
  • D’Vine D’Zine • Helping You Shine!®