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My greatest discovery in life is that God loves me, as i am.

This discovery has invited me into a lifelong journey of

• deeper intimacy with God, with Love, which is ever changing and evolving

• feeling worthy and accepting Love in both Divine and earthly ways

• me accepting me as i am, as God made me, and letting that person out into the Light

• listening, trusting, responding, being grateful, reverent, humble, and obedient to the       Whisperings of the Holy Spirit in my Heart

• sharing the Love I have received

• sharing my love story with Love

It is a journey of learning and unlearning, of becoming and unbecoming, of blossoming and releasing. It is a journey of trusting and being committed to The Way.

I belong to my Love and His desire is for me. Song of Songs 7 

I listen to The Voice of Love, and DO as His Voice, The Voice of Jesus asks of me, by the ABUNDANT GRACE of God and with the Gifts fo the Holy Spirit. Amen

I am a Child of God.

  • In and With His Love, Wisdom, Peace, Truth, Liberty, Strength and JOY,
  • Irena As I Am and Mudryk, Co-Sojourners
  • February 2018


InJoying and Trusting God in my Peace Pilgrim Journey



Change knocked me off of my course and horse, and turned my life upside down… or rather, right side up. It was a blessing, an awakening and a test of my character. I then had a choice to make: go back to sleep and suffer in silence, or, change.


  • I answered the call of Change,
  • I walked the path of Change,
  • I faced fear and done it anyway,
  • I stood up to tribal pressures and demands,
  • I became as i am, as God wants me being. This was not a once upon a time event. It is a lifelong encounter and experience of and with God.

Lasting change comes from within. God is at the center of my life. Jesus is my companion. The Holy Spirit is my advocate.

I now look in the mirror, into my eyes, and can say, “I love you Irena!”.                                                    

  • In His Service,
  • Irena As I Am and Mudryk, Co-Sojourners
  • 2015
  • D’Vine D’Zine Helping You Shine!®


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